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Are you are a veteran commercial real estate developer, broker or agent seeking a highly reputable, professional, successful and supportive East Bay firm with which to join forces? Or are you a recent licensee -- ambitious, disciplined, familiar with the geography and ready to learn and grow your career alongside a team expert in their field and market? If so, message MRE.

In the course of its more than 20 years in business, MRE Commercial Real Estate built a reputation for dedicated client service, total integrity and unrivaled expertise in its market. The core team of brokers, the founders of MRE, were in effect partners years before that launch, first coming together as the Berkeley-based commercial division of the very venerable Mason-McDuffie Real Estate (founded 1887).

What does that mean to you? That means you will be joining a team built to last; cohesive, cooperative, long-established and respected in the East Bay real estate community and current in the ways of marketing. You're looking at a reflection of the way we do business right now.

The MRE website, ranking high with most typical market-applicable search strings, is not the flashiest in the business - and that's the way we like it. It's about getting to the point; delivering a lot of relevant information quickly, effectively and honestly. It's about service; getting the job done, done well and with no nonsense. It's about turning prospective clients into satisfied clients.

That is The Way of MRE.

If you're interested, first take a look at the broker bio page. Then, if you think you might like to join our team, return here and drop us a note.

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Or you can simply send an email to this secure address:

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Staffed by veteran brokers, MRE Commercial Real Estate is centrally-based in the East Bay Area's active commercial hub, Emeryville, California.
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